Pre-school – advantages of your child attending one

benefits of having your child attend a pre-school - by Messy Monkeys PlayschoolIt is a known fact that attendance at a quality pre-school can provide your child with a wide range of benefits which will aid development in the following areas:

Social Skills:

  • By mixing with other children and adults in the pre-school, they will learn a good behaviour pattern and the importance of treating others with respect;
  • Learning how to take the feelings of others into account, and work out disagreements;
  • Discovering the importance of sharing by learning how to interact within a group environment;
  • Making new friends and having fun in the pre-school!


  • Learning how to make choices through the medium of play;
  • Developing pre-maths and pre-reading skills;
  • Learning how to express themselves and solve problems by exploring and developing their own ideas;
  • Having the opportunity to develop their own personalities, imagination and creativity;
  • Learning not only about themselves, but also about others and accepting their differences.


  • Learning about feelings and emotions by spending time away from the family in an informal, yet controlled, environment.
  • Developing their independence and self-help skills.
  • Becoming used to a specific daily routine and a sense of security.

Language Development:

  • Developing language skills by communicating with the use of words and phrases, building up to complete sentences.
  • Developing pre-reading, writing and listening skills.
  • Exploring the use of non-verbal language when communicating with their peers and adults.
  • Learning to develop and express their own ideas with the use of words.

Physical Development:

  • Developing their physical fitness and general well-being.
  • Learning to use their bodies in new ways, as they gain confidence.
  • Gaining greater control over their body and movements.

The advantages gained from attendance at a pre-school service will serve to ensure a smooth transition into primary school for both children and parents.



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